The guest bed is always one of those things that gets the least attention when organising your home interior but that doesn’t always have to be the case. A little thought and creativity can bring you stylish guest bedrooms that are not only unique but look great too.

The Maya and the Emily are crafted using only the highest quality woods and fabrics, but talents extend well beyond being a ‘handy’ addition to our residences. Instead, these guest beds hold beautiful angles and curves that fall in all the right places, demonstrating Hyder Living’s commitment to not only practicalities but also aesthetic forms.

Maya bed

Emily bed

Work the Maya or the Emily into your newest schemes, with pops of colour that suit your stylistic tastes. The Maya and the Emily are neutral by nature, so the decision to be bold or understated lies with you and your selection of cushions, pillows and throws. To be brave with gloss or metallics, or to take a subtle turn using delicate, pastel shades? Such choices can make or break a room, so an element of ‘trial and error’ may be required.

One thing, however, is for certain as we move through SS17: Hyder Living’s Maya and Emily have elevated the guest bed concept to new heights, and are wholly deserving of their ‘permanent fixture’ status in the home.


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