Earthborn paint new paint colours

Earthborn Claypaint is highly breathable and leaves no lingering paint smell. All Earthborn paints are designed to be healthier to use and better for the environment. Earthborn Claypaint, Lifestyle Emulsion, Eco Chic and Eggshell No.17 are virtually free of VOCs and contain no oils or acrylics.

Sapling is a mellow and creamy green, the perfect pastel for a calming living room or bedroom and for springing into summer, while Peach Baby will brighten up the day (or the kitchen) with its delicious peachy pinkish shade. Accompanying these fresh newbies are some stronger, more intense accents that would work well for autumn, including Trumpet and Can-Can.

Trumpet is a deep bluey purple, perfect to take the chill out of the bathroom, whilstCan-Can is a racy, ‘Moulin Rouge’ red, ideal for kicking things off in the hallway.Hobby Wood is a bold woodland green, ever ready to help bring the outside in, act as a backdrop for orangeries or add a grounded colour pop to any part of the home.

Available in Claypaint, Lifestyle Emulsion, Eco Chic and a new soon-to-be released formulation: Eggshell No.17. Earthborn’s high performing paints provide a thick and luscious finish while softening and enhancing the light within a room. As an alternative to the harder wearing and wipeable matt Lifestyle Emulsion range, Claypaint delivers an ultra-matt texture. All the ranges are all easy to apply, fast drying and cover like a dream, therefore, requiring fewer coats.

Earthborn Claypaint RRP £38.00 for 2.5 litres Lifestyle Emulsion RRP £42.00 for 2.5 litres


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