I’m Stacey and I live for design

For years I’ve had a massive love affair with design, colour and the way different elements fit together to make something beautiful. As a young child, I could always be found with a crayon and a colouring book. As a teenager my life was art and art was my life and as an adult, that love manifested into a deep appreciation of design in all its various forms. A few years ago that love for art and design, took me down a path of designing for the web. WordPress at that time was an emerging platform that more and more people were turning to for building their websites with. Naturally, I followed suit and I soon discovered the potential of using different design methods to truly create beautiful, WordPress websites. Fast forward to now and it’s what I do for a living – combining storytelling with strong visuals, to make an impact on the web. Not only do I help bloggers and small businesses design their websites, I’m also Content Manager at CashLady – designing their graphics, maintaining their editorial calendar and many other tasks. Design, whatever its form is exciting. From interiors and architecture to home decor and graphics – all hold a special fascination that’s pretty addictive.


What this blog is about

What this blog is about

Corrin Creative came into existence as an outlet for my own personal musings. Dig back far enough into my archives and you’ll see what I mean. However, like all things, this blog has evolved into something more over time. Now it’s a place where I celebrate design in all of its manifestations. In this space, you’ll find topics including parenting, family life, home style and interiors, blogging tips, lifestyle and the odd personal post. One thing each post has in common though is design; whether it’s how we design our lives or how we design our homes. Corrin Creative is Life by Design.

More about me

I live in the UK with my better half and our three small children (including 5-year-old twins). I’m a mother and I work from home surrounded by chaos, creativity and the tall tales my children tell. It’s a situation that works for all five of us and it allows us the time to see each other (and especially our children) grow before it’s too late. In my spare time, I’m a prolific crocheter. I literally have more crocheted blankets than I know what to do with. My yarn bag is a glorious riot of colour that makes me beam with happiness on the dullest of days. Coupled with this I’m an unashamed hoarder of stationery. I live by the motto that you can never have too many notebooks, while my pen collection is constantly being depleted by eager children, secretly drawing on my walls. It’s an excuse to treat myself to something inexpensive, yet delicious all at once!