Sunday Soundtrack 1: Eargasms

Sunday Soundtrack 1: Eargasms

We’ve had some beautiful weather in the UK recently. As all British people will agree, when the sun shines, we make the most of that precious molten heat. So this weekend I’ve taken a step back from work, closed the laptop and spent some time outside with the kids.

That small piece of time out has been a wonderful thing. It’s freeing, like shaking off chains and stepping into a world that’s bright, vibrant and full of life. It got me thinking about the activities I do away from the web, which leads me to the topic of music.

Music has always played a significant part in my life. I played various instruments when I was young. For a short time, I even embraced singing lessons. I simply love the power it can hold over you, the memories it can resurface, the emotions a handful of words set to a tune can evoke.

Today and each Sunday, I want to share with you what I’ve been listening to throughout the week. Being able to share a little bit of myself with you like this, I hope will bring us that little bit closer together. I could talk about blogging until the cows come home. Sometimes though, it’s nice to dig beneath the surface don’t you think?… Read More

10 Minimal WordPress Themes For Blogging With Intention

10 Minimal WordPress Themes For Blogging With Intention

When you think of the word ‘Minimalism’ it’s easy to imagine a room that’s barren, devoid of furniture, empty and lifeless. It’s a word that many relate to living with next to nothing, and so liken it to a joyless pursuit. Minimalism for me couldn’t be further from that. For me it’s getting rid of excess, letting go of clutter… Read More

PicApp Review: Showcase Your App In Style

PicApp Review, Showcase Your App With Style

Imagine this scenario. You’re an exciting business with an idea that (you think) is going to change the world. You’ve been tirelessly slogging away over the months to put your App – the foundation of your idea – together and can’t wait to introduce it to the masses. You just know your creation is going to make a huge difference… Read More

Pressidium: Premium Managed WordPress Hosting For Revolutionaries


I have an interesting relationship with Pressidium. My first experience of them was a call where in the space of 60 minutes, I learned about a dream of revolutionizing the way WordPress websites are hosted. You can read about that dream here. What followed was a roller coaster of experience, learning and research which has brought me to this point…. Read More

7 Striking Spring Patterns To Inspire Your Designs

Striking spring patterns

It’s now officially Spring in the UK which means the sun worshipers are out in force with their flip-flops, short shorts and dreams of an early tan. The rest of us more sensible people are huddled under our thermals because it’s still bloody freezing, however the fresher air and brighter skies can’t fail to lift spirits after a fairly uneventful… Read More

Reflections Of A Working Mother

Reflections of A Working Mother

As a female working full-time while my partner takes care of our children, I often feel as if I have something to prove. In our home the traditional roles are reversed to the point where I’m the bread-winner, the hunter-gatherer. I pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads while he does the school runs and keeps the… Read More

When No-one Believes In You Remember This

When No One Believes In You, Remember This

There was once a young girl with a head full of bright ideas. When she grew up she’d be an astronaut, an artist, a writer and a scholar. She’d be educated, qualified and help make the world a better place. Reality was a very different place. She excelled at school but was ridiculed for her individuality. She longed to achieve… Read More