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Edward's Menagerie Birds by Kerry Lord

Edward’s Menagerie Birds by Kerry Lord

Ever since I was a young child, I've always had an image in my head of my mother crocheting. On long, rainy weekends she'd sit in her armchair, a "Carry On" film on the TV and a giant, multi-coloured blanket that she was working on, covering her lap ...

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Autumn Flooring Idea

Autumn Flooring Ideas For A Cozy Comfy Home

If you live in the UK you’ll know that even the slightest hint of rain in August or September, is all we need to start declaring that summer is over and Autumn is on the way. The same can also be said for our homes – after excitement of our usually ...

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Give Your Home A Miffy Makeover

Miffy is one of those characters that always brings back warm, fuzzy feelings from my childhood. Now as a mother with my own children, it's a pleasure to re-introduce her to my growing family. This year Dick Bruna, the artist behind Miffy turns 88 ...

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How To Keep Things Light And Airy In Your Home

How To Keep Things Airy In Your Home

Keeping things light, bright and airy should not just be confined to a home office but to all parts of your home, if possible. Not only does an airy feeling in a your living space make you feel better and less hemmed in, but it can add value to your ...

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